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Who We Are?

Success Floorings is one of South India’s leading names in the field of wooden flooring, providing sports flooring for indoor and outdoor spaces and wooden flooring for residential and commercial spaces. Our quality of work has fetched us a wide customer base across the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu, and we are proud to say that, all of them were only through word of mouth. Through our work we have earned the trust and goodwill of all our customers.

We utilize the latest technology in all our installations and our team of well experienced and skillful experts can help you decide the best flooring solution for your space.

Our major strengths are : • Unparalleled quality • Assured on-time delivery • Reasonable Pricing • Customized services • Reliable post-installation service

Success Floorings Services

  • Consultation

    Need help to decide? We are here for you. Just e-mail us or give us a call. Our experts will provide you with flooring solutions that best matches your requirement. 01

  • Technical Solutions

    Our experienced site engineers can visit your space andguide you both before and during the installation.They will ensure sound pre-installation requirements are met; correct strategies are followed during installation; and ensure the finishing is top notch. 02
  • Design

    To serve you better our experts are here to help you with design solutions and shop drawings. 03
  • Installations

    Success Floorings has a team of well experienced and skilled installers to complete the job to your fullest satisfaction. 04


Badminton courts are rectangular and are divided by a center net. Irrespective of the game type, courts are typically set apart for the both singles and doubles games. Both play styles require a similar court length of 44' | 13.4 m, however double (full) courts are 20' | 6.1 m wide and single courts are decreased to 17' | 5.18 m width; by reducing 1.5' | .46 m on either side. Service courts are marked by a middle line dividing the width of the court and are set back from the net by a 'short service line' of 6.5' | 1.98 m. Double games additionally require a 'long service line' that is drawn 2.5' | .76 m from the back boundary. Clearances of 2' | .61 m should be given around the full court.


While a great deal of importance is given upon the markings and nets, the flooring and what's underneath it, regularly get sidestepped. But, the type and quality of flooring is very much important as the whole Badminton infrastructure and the physical fitness of the players aredependent upon it. Read More


A sports floor needs to satisfy a variety of critical requirements. It ought to meet the fundamental needs of durability, performance and safety of a sports floor. Since our inception, we have succeeded in providing our customers with phenomenal quality products at best prices. Read More

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We are the market leaders in a wide range of wooden sports flooring in Tamil Nadu. We specialize in Indoor sports flooring, badminton flooring, volleyball flooring, basketball flooring and squash flooring.









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